Tuesday, December 20, 2011

A Few More Memories.........before Christmas 2011......

Here is the first of two Saturday Evening Post covers from December 17, 1949 and a few ads taken from that particular issue.  It is interesting to see some of the changes in the past 62 years.  The late 1940's and 1950's were much simpler times than what we share today....and it is nice to go back sometimes, not that you want the world of that time back, but just to reminisce a bit.  My dad always said that he felt the richest in those days.....not money wise but family wise. 
"Gifts that say Merry Christmas with every puff"...OK....Santa says that he wants to give you throat cancer for Christmas.........And WOW...that 1950 Ford ready for early release...."It has the LOOK.....It has the ROOM....It has the FEEL.....It's the '50 FORD".  Be sure to click once then twice on these pictures to view them FULL SIZE.
It only costs you .40 cents a quart to make your car think it's Summer......A great Quaker State/Snowman oil ad from this 1949 Post Magazine.
Do you remember the New Pixie Flash CAMERA ...notice that it is mounted on her wrist and is not much larger than a big wrist watch except for the flash unit.  Mom could now work for the C.I.A. with this little spy camera.
Here is the December 24, 1949 issue...the following week from the one above.  Poor Dad and Mom are totally exhausted and actually falling asleep while decorating the tree.....they will be glad when Christmas is all over......Everything is finally done and its Christmas Eve 62 years ago....This feeling is something that has never changed much over the last 62 years.
How dare those Americans call Canada Dry's Ginger Ale the American Ginger-Upper......It called CANADA DRY....get it!!  LOL ....It also says it has the Purest Jamaican Ginger......Hope that's all the ingredients from Jamaica....LOL again!!  The next ad here is kind of bizarre....I had never heard of "Fatima" cigarettes.  I thought only "Turkish Delights" were imported from Turkey.  Very unusual.  Once more...click once or twice to enlarge to full screen.
This cute little guy in this ad says that his daddy was a good boy too and he wants a new Plymouth.  Here is what Daddy's new Plymouth might look like back in 1949.  I might have been that little kid because I was about 5 years old then but would have had to ask for a Chevrolet..... don't forget that my dad was the body shop manager for Kam Motors, a local Chev-Olds-Cadillac dealer.  Click here to read more about Kam Motors, then come back.  http://hotrodsandjalopies.blogspot.com/2009/09/kam-motors-limited-and-oldsmobile.html

This ad was taken from a Fort William Ontario commemorative newspaper from 1952 showing the progress of the region.  This is The R. S. Piper and Sons store in Fort William(actually West Fort William).   This tray from my own collection was given by the R. S. Piper Co. store to very loyal customers for Christmas in 1911.

This is what the R. S. Piper store in West Fort William looks like today, sporting the old advertising from another era on both ends of the building.  Hardware stores back then did sell toys at Christmas such as this Slinky or maybe an Etch-a-Sketch.
I could never do Etch-A-Sketch very well.  The final little tidbit here is a lid from a KFC bucket.  How many mom`s and dad`s burned the turkey and sent out for Kentucky Fried Chicken.....Just think about it an you can smell the wonderful aroma........YUMM
There will be one more small Christmas Post this week...be sure to check back and as I keep on saying...be sure to click once, then twice on most pictures to make them large.

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