Monday, July 13, 2009

Metropolitan Stores Grand Opening....

Fort William folks will well remember the original Metropolitan Stores on the north-west corner of Victoria Ave and Brodie streets. The left one is the grand opening of the store back in circa 1934, and the right photo was taken July 12, 2009. It was a Saan store for a number of years since Victoriaville was opened and lately has become a Bargain Shop. The structure is still very much intact. Of course many times its been said that building Victoriaville started the demise of the Fort William downtown district, but it's interesting to see how things do change through 75 years of commerce.....and not necessarily for the better. To the left of the b&w photo is the Fashion Craft Store which later became Woolworth's five and dime store. Note the old 30's car to the right of the black and white photo. Click photo to enlarge

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