Friday, July 17, 2009

A Streetcar, A Model "A" Ford and the Pagota

These before and after pictures are for those from Port Arthur that feel a bit neglected. The Streetcar photo on the left(an incredibly clear and crisp photo for its time) was taken in July 1941 a few years before I was born and the right photo was just taken a few days ago July 2009. I never knew until I had seen the left photo that F.W. Woolworth was ever that far down Red River Rd. This is the intersection of Red River Road(formerly Arthur St) and Cumberland Street, in what was known as Port Arthur Ontario(now Thunder Bay). The Pagoda shown in the left photo was slightly higher up the street and more visible, but the new photo barely shows it behind a clump of trees down the street. The Pagoda top read "Tourist Information" in those days. Both photos vividly show the Prince Arthur Hotel which was wonderful in its day and refurbished to nearly its old standards just recently. Off in the distance and out in Lake Superior is the never changing head of the Sleeping Giant, a huge peninsula of land the juts out into Lake Superior to form what is called Thunder Bay, in the shape of a massive sleeping giant. There a many tales of lore about The Sleeping Giant which I will touch on later. Thanks for looking......Dave

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