Wednesday, July 29, 2009

The Empire and The West Hotels....Simpson St.

Another THEN & NOW - The Empire "Fort William's leading hotel" ..a quote from an earlier ad from 1913 had read. I suppose it was the leading hotel then, but as certain areas of the city deteriorate, its great to see what it once was and sadly what its become. The obvious grandeur showed through in those early years, however its pretty incredible that these two buildings stood the test of time and without fires as so many Simpson Street and Victoria Ave buildings went. The new photos were taken July 12th this year 2009. Sorry the b&w photos aren't super crisp. Wanna go for a beer?.....NOT. Love those Brass Ford "T" tourings in front of the west, and the expensive rates back then! click on


errol said...

When I was a kid, that was a rough part of town. We used to go down to the old Lake Theatre, but never at night. lol

Dave said...

You are right!!