Thursday, August 20, 2009

"In GOD we trust" More Jalopies...CLE circa 1954

OK...Here we go again...One of my favourite photos of Barry Kettering's #47 car is the first one here(through the fence and in the river). If you look at the ariel photos of the CLE track in previous posts, you will see how close the river is to turn 4. The huge back bumper proclaims the statement (In God we trust)...lucky that Barry did.
The next photo is of Malcolm Galbraith's #35 car up on the rub-rail. The rub-rail made of railroad ties was to stop many of the cars from tearing out yards of fence, however, the carpenters at the CLE track were constantly busy replacing fence every week so the cheap-skates on the other side couldn't see the races for free.
The next photo is of the Massaro brothers #87 and #88 duking it out in turn 3. Tony and Albert were always putting on a show for the crowd, either by kicking up dirt or by some of the pre-staged fights in front of the grandstand. Some of the fist fights, however, were too real to be fake...ask Louie Tocheri about that.
The #4 picture is of Malcolm Galbraith #35 up on his side and at the rub-rail again and of Conrad Tromboli #49, now easily passing him. See all the cheap-skates that won't pay a quarter to come into the races. Its a lot more comfortable sitting in the Grandstand. NOTE: If you go down Northern Ave. today you can still recognize all these houses, by their unique roof designs, and place yourself right where these cars are as you stand in the Golf Dome parking lot.
Photo #5 is of #49 Conrad Tromboli again and my good friend Merv Dove #31 (always the most gentlemanly driver at the CLE track, and winning awards for that). Their cars were locked together and the flagman didn't quite know what to do. "Hey Merv, get the hell back in your car".
The last photo here is of an unknown(Does anyone know who drove #36) and #39 Speed Bortolussi of "Speed's Service" jockeying for position on the back stretch, there's that funny roof line on that house again and the non-payers peering over the fence, waiting for a jalopy part to come flying over. NOTE: don't forget to check out Northern Ave. to see exactly where these cars were. Enjoy!...............Click on photos to enlarge!

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