Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Should Never Have Sold It......

My 1962 Buick Electra 225 was purchased right after I sold my '32 Ford Coupe to tide me over while I restored the '32 Ford Vintage Modified dirt track car. It was the only vintage car that I actually purchased and not built or restored. I bought it in St. Paul during a Back to the '50's shortly after Y2K for a very reasonable amount of money and even though it had 4 doors.....it was pretty cool with it being lowered 5" and had the typical Nailhead Buick throaty sound with the dual glasspack mufflers. It only had 41K original miles on it when I bought it and was one of those cars owned by an elderly couple that had hardly driven it over the years, with an original paint job, original interior and a trunk that could fit a small compact car in it. We had tons of fun with the car as you could easily have 6 people cruising around in total comfort with factory air conditioning to boot. We had driven it to Back to the 50's when the Sensational Hot Rods played there and Ron, Pat, Steve's son Josh and us comfortably cruised St. Paul and Minneapolis through that whole weekend.
It's the only car I miss of all the cars I've had because of the sheer size of it and that it could fit so many passengers. It would be nice to still have it as well as my hot rod just for those reasons.
It was purchased by a first time vintage car owner Paul Plasse who lives in eastern Ontario near St. Eugene. He flew here and drove it back from Thunder Bay in one shot....some 18 hours and all by himself, without even the tiniest glitch with the car.....a testament to the great cars of the '50's and '60's. I didn't pay a ton for it and sold it for what I had paid. Obviosly I should have kept the car, but its another Oh Well!...and we move on.
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Anonymous said...

Awesome car Dave !! Gotta love them al if they have a tri shield