Wednesday, August 19, 2009

My Dad....John(Jonnie) Cano is 90 Years Old Today

A milestone like this in any ones family must be documented. We are so fortunate at our age to have our father alive and well at 90 years old. As mentioned previously, he has always been an inspiration to me with his incredible will to live and looking so great for his age. We had a drop in for him this past Sunday and the sheer amount of friends, family and acquaintances that attended showed how much he is and always was admired and loved through the years. His watchword "Try anything once" has also inspired me to do the same.
The first photo was taken in 1941 in Canadian Army uniform in Winnipeg on their way to Victoria BC where his was stationed. I would be born 3 years later out there, which is the second picture(cute eh!). The third picture is Dad, taken at our Winter Carnival here in Fort William back in the '50's. He had taken first place for the best Van Dyke beard. The fourth one is from 1967 during his 30 year tenure at Kam Motors. He was the body shop manager there(note the Olds Tornado in the background, and the cool "Blues Brothers" fedora). The fifth picture is one of my favourites with him and I working on my '33 Ford Vicky, and the last one is how he looks at 90 years old. His 2 very happy marriages, the first to our mother Noreen until she passed away at a very young age in 1974 and his second to my step mom Gert who still nudges him forward to yet a longer life have both been the rocks in his life.
HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAD.....We love you tons and look forward to many more great years together........from all your family!! on photos to enlarge
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Anonymous said...

Hello Dave! Some really neat stuff and some great pictures. Want to see one of those collector tire ash trays?... Got a couple of em.

Memories go back to the Riverlake Oil days and races at the ex. I worked part time for McEwan Oil. Their Gas stations became some of the first Husky stations in the area. When their station was built on the corner of Arthur and Edward Streets, in the future Green Acres area, there was nothing else nearby! The welcome Arch at intercity was owned by the Port Arthur PUC and thats why you can see the references to the Hydro rates. The Medallion painted on the upper portion is a depiction of the "Gold Medallian" promoting all electric homes. I still have a cast iron plaque ( one of 4 which were mounted on the columns) When we removed the arch in the 1970's I salvaged it and used it for a weight in the trunk of my 1967 chevelle in the winter. By the way, I recall the arch when it was painted red and later when we repainted it the crappy green colour (a city of Thunder Bay Official color in 1970) but d don't ever recall it being Blue. Is that an off color produced by the developing process when the picture was taken? Unfortunately, when I cleaned out my garage on one occasion, my pictures got accidentally "gone" in the process along with our #98 58 Ford stock car pictures ( a number issued to us in error) renumbered #24, which we ran for 3 years in hobbystock at Riverview. Terry Foreman was our regular driver and we were never a front runner but often made enough to buy KFC from Gord "Dinty's" for supper after the races. Are there still any "Lakehead Kings" out there ? Dan