Saturday, September 26, 2009

OK Port Arthur's your turn....

Mount McKay from Hillcrest Park looking towards Fort William 1920 and 2009.....that makes uh...89 years...WOW!

Here is Cumberland Street looking south/east and Red River Road(was Arthur Street before Amalgamation) in Port Arthur(now of course Thunder Bay, Ontario). The B&W was taken in about 1950.

In the upper photos you can make out an old grain elevator on the left and you can still see it today if you look closely. Some of the buildings near the mountain look similar too, otherwise its pretty barren. There has sure been great progress in the intercity area for sure.
In the bottom photos, only two structures are the same, and the rest has changed quite a bit. Atkinson's Jewelers is the only store front in both photos, but just closed this year.
Love the '50? Mercury on the left of the bottom photo, and how busy that part of Cumberland Street was. The today shots were taken this July. click on pictures to enlarge!!

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