Friday, April 2, 2010

By Special Request - Model cars I recently built...

Hope you like these and be sure to click on all the photos, some twice, to get a better look at the detail. Thanks to my friend Steve Miller, and my friend Kevin Rouse, who passed away just 3 years ago at a very young age, I have a renewed interest in building model cars as I had done many years ago. I rarely work on my full size hot rods in the winter anymore as my time is taken up with this blog site as well as building model cars and playing some music. The first two here are this years completed projects. These are all 1:25th scale, so to compare, a quarter would be the diameter of one of the back wheels.

....1941 Ford Woodie with scale surfboards, a local newspaper, guitars and car mags inside.

Here is a vintage kit that I finally had done. It is a Revell kit, chopped and channeled with a few of my favourite LP's on the seat. It sports an Ardun V8 from a '50 Ford truck kit.

Here is a 1932 Ford 3-window coupe that I sectioned. The second picture shows the slice that was taken out of the centre of the body. I'm not sure where I got the double blown Hemi from, but Kevin showed me how to wire engines. I have a big lighted 8" diameter magnifying glass for the fine work. You will also notice that everything has wide whitewalls except for the race car below.

The left top here is the actual vintage modified that I built restored and raced. I sold it a number of years ago because all the local tracks closed here in Thunder Bay. The model started out with a 1960's vintage AMT black plastic body, to which I added the body modifications. I then used a chassis from an AMT Gremlin dirt track kit. I made my own decals from photos I had taken of the original car to make it more authentic.

Here is a pair of my favourite projects. Here we have two primered Ford hot rods which I did about 3 years ago. The chopped '32 Ford coupe has a removable top to view the records on the seat.

Here is the Happy Days roadster pickup that Ritchie and Ralph cruised around in during the early seasons of "Happy Days". I have always wanted to model this but never had a picture until I had seen an old TV guide with the car on it to help with the colour scheme etc. As stated above, the tire size is about the size of a quarter. None of these models are out of the box builds. Parts are robbed from many different kits to make the models more unique. Its called kit-bashing. Thanks for looking.....D.

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