Wednesday, April 14, 2010

TAX TIME - The Dreaded(but beautiful) Income Tax Building in Fort William Ontario...

This first photo was actually taken in 1939 in Harlingen Texas, but it reflects(literally) the old days, old cars and a time during the depression.(Thanks to for the photo). The next photo above(taken in about 1935) is our present day Canada Revenue Agency building located at 130 S. Syndicate Ave. across from the Victoriaville Parkade. It was built in 1935 and designed by T. W. Fuller. It was Fort William's second Post Office at one time. I worked in this building in the late 1960's and early 1970's when it was The Unemployment Insurance Commission. The building was also shared by Canada Manpower, a Canadian employment agency.
Here's a photo taken in front of the same building in about 1940 as soldiers march along Syndicate Ave towards what is now Victoriaville Mall. The photo to the right is another parade taken a little earlier than the one on the left in approximately the same place. The tax building is at the far right with a number of business to its left. The building to its direct left was lost to a fire later on and was never replaced. Today that spot is part of the parking there.

Another shot of 130 S. Syndicate Ave.(thanks Roger) was taken in the 1940's. By the time it was taken the building to the left of it was gone and replaced by a little white structure as you can see on the far left. The last photo here shows how our city had blocked off Syndicate Ave., to build Victoriaville and all but completely obliterated the view of one of the most beautiful buildings in Fort William. I know!!...typical complaints about Victoriaville, but it never should have been built in the first place and its time to bulldoze it down. Most will agree with me.
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