Tuesday, April 6, 2010

The Massaro Brothers...Masters of Mischief and Mayhem...

It's Wednesday night at the CLE race track and who do you remember the most? Some of you will definitely say the Massaro Brothers, Albert in particular but Tony got into just as many scraps as Albert.

The Massaro boys were very colourful characters in the CLE racing days. Here are a few sequence photos of Tony Massaro's car from the late 1950's. The clipping clearly states their names as ones to be reckoned with when it comes to dirt track racing at the Exhibition grounds, but the clipping had mistakenly named Albert's car #36. Here is how Tony's car was brought to the track. It looked like it just came off the road except for the front and rear fenders removed and a bold #87 painted on the door. The next photo shows an early fender bender, but the hub caps are actually still on the car.
Next - The dust bowl....

Here is Tony's car again kicking up dirt and rolling over(note: no hubcaps on the driver's side at all) . I think the hubcaps were put on to impress the fans as they were only on the right side of the car. Geez, there's even an up to date license plate on the back.
Here, Tony is rushing to get out of the way of any cars that are coming around the corner. The next photo here is Tony and Albert duking it out in turn #3.

Here's and early photo of one of Albert's Cars before they had other sponsorship and also a great one of Albert behind the wheel of the 88 car.

This one on the left shows a later picture of Albert and Tony when they both had '34 Ford coupes cruisin' by the CLE Coliseum(building still there today), and the last one on the right is when Albert had Rea's Service Station as his sponsor, and oh my gosh!!.....he's driving a super rare '36 Ford 3 Window Coupe!!
We sure miss you Albert and Tony!
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