Wednesday, April 21, 2010

More Early Fort William and Port Arthur....

Here's a few more then and nows in the fair cities of Fort William and Port Arthur Ontario.

This wonderful Brill Bus photo was taken on the most eastern end of Bay Street in Port Arthur. The well known Vi's Tavern(now closed) is shown just above the bus. In the first photo the street noticeably curves to the left and turns into Cumberland street in front of Johnson Esso service at 199 Bay street. In the photo to the right, Bay street runs right through where Johnson Esso was. That street is now Water Street.....hope this makes sense to you locals. The photo on the left was taken in September 1969 and the one on the right taken this past January. (Thanks to the Scalzo collection for the Brill photo.)

This City Cartage and Dray photo was taken at 219 Hardisty Street in Fort William in 1913. It is incredible that the building still exists in one form or another to this day. Beside the old photo is a view of the Davidson and Smith Elevator which is shown in a number of photos of the first CPR Station on Hardisty Street. Hardisty St. was an incredible hub of activity in the later 1800's and early 1900's due to the fact that the rail yards are just adjacent to this street.

Another 1913 photo is that of the Dowswell Block, the home of The Dowswell Sheet Metal Co. As noted in the old ad, it is at the Corner of Ford and Brock Sts. in west Fort William. This building has housed many businesses through the years, the last being the M.A.S.H. Sewing Centre. It is directly across Ford Street from the new George Jeffrey Children's Centre.
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Terry Jorgenson said...

A friend recently sent me a link to this excellent site. As a (very)amateur local historian, I have become a regular visitor.

My father ran a printing business (Art Craft Printing)which was torn down in the late 1950's to make way for Johnson Esso at the foot of Bay Street. If anyone has a copy of a picture from this location, I would appreciate receiving an electronic copy of it. As I recall, it was quite a run-down building. In the late 1950's my father and his partner relocated their business just north of this location to the other side of what was then known as the Vendome House. The business was renamed Evans Jorgenson Limited and the address was 115 South Cumberland. I would also appreciate receiving any electronic photos of this location.

Keep up up the great work!

Terry Jorgenson

Dave said...

Thanks for your comments Terry. Sorry I don't have a photo prior to the Johnson Esso one. Dave