Saturday, September 26, 2009

Kam Motors Limited and the Oldsmobile....

Kam Motors Limited and the Oldsmobile THEN and NOW......

The 3rd picture top right is a little shadow box we did for my dad for his 90th birthday showing the years he gave to Kam Motors in the body shop. He worked there for many years before he began teaching Auto Body, and by the time the mid 50's came around, all the department managers were able to have a demo car to drive around, just to advertise the fact that they worked for the GM dealership here. My dad happily drove the bottom of the line 4 door 1955 through 1960 Chevrolets during his tenure there but his all time dream was and still is to own one of those beautiful incredible 1950's Oldsmobiles.....They were the epitome of styling and design for General Motors at the time and not really knocking the Caddys Buicks Pontiacs or Chevys, he always wanted one and as you look at these advertisement art pieces you can understand why and my friend Steve Miller would also heartily agree, as he is a great lover of these Oldsmobiles too!
Kam Motors was a very thriving GM dealership during these days as you can see by some of the older photos and like everything else all good things must come to an end. Their sister dealership, Port Arthur Motors and Kam Motors amalgamated a number of years ago now to be named Badanai Chev Olds, which is now located on Memorial Ave.
As usual it is sad to see the deterioration of what was, but the building is still well used as Diamond Taxi, Ace Automotive and Superior Propane.
Be sure to click on all photos to enlarge and see how the Oldsmobile had advanced from its 1903 through the 50's and jump to its ugly and boxy 2010 model. The war time ad is also impressive.

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