Wednesday, September 9, 2009


Here's more great stock car jockeys of the 1950's...Do you recognize anyone?
Top left #66 is Fred Danis. Top right high up on the rub rail is #60 Don Marsh.
The next 3 photos are of another of my favourites, #11 John Zatti, one at night, one in the ditch and one of John out of the car. John's car was always sponsored by Potter and Kerr.
The next photo is a very rare photo of #75 Jerry Whittaker and of #2 Tom Dow(nice '32 Ford 3-window coupe Tom). Next is another rare photo of the Twin City Shoe Repair car #9. driven by Nick Zavaglia.
#55....yes that is Wally Prokosh driving the #55 car co-sponsored by D&J Stitt menswear and Mid-City Machine. This was before Wally drove the #54 Abitibi car. Last but not least is the #21 car driven by the Flying Finn, Martin Autio. Click on photos to enlarge

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