Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Travel to the Twin Cities of Fort William and Port Thunder Bay, Ontario.

The first photo, the green Fort William brochure cover was from 1924, and the photo beside it is the Public Utilities Commission building on Van Norman and Cumberland Streets in Port Arthur, also showing a very colourful Texaco service station across Van Norman St from the PUC.
Next is a few pages of the 1934 Fort William brochure showing Kakabeka Falls, the cabins at Chippewa Park, the Royal Edward Hotel(the hotel of Kings and Queens), and now low rental housing, and an aerial view of downtown Fort William.
The blue cover brochure was done in about 1940 and in it is a wonderful aerial photo of downtown Port Arthur, showing how our marina park once was, with the two Railroad stations, the CPR and the CNR, as well as the shipping harbour there with all the boxcars out on the piers.
Finally then and now photos on the corner of Red River Road(Arthur St before amalgamation), and Court Street. The curved front building on the right side was the old Eaton's Department Store, which is now a call centre.
Two of the old post cards state "looking west". Neither of the views are looking west...the PUC one is actually looking North/West and the T. Eaton store is looking East.
Also the one Fort William brochure makes an interesting statement:
"NO HAY FEVER....A visit to Fort William is now prescrible by hundreds of physicians to hay fever patients. Cure is immediate. The air is clean --- nights are cool. Sound sleep and a new appetite will build up the most delicate constitution."
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