Thursday, September 17, 2009

Model Eh(that's Canadian for "A")... and Deuce Coupes from Texas...Uh...Correction, Merc says the Rootbeer brown A bone is from Looserana(Louisiana).

I just had to post these photos from King Voodoo's blog site.
You can click here to enjoy the whole scene
These are a couple of the most beautiful rods you will see around anywhere, even though they aren't local. Of course The Deuce makes me really miss my own, and the A-Bone makes me kind of wish I had a coupe like my buddy Dennis(the blue one you see waaaayyyy down). This is really tongue-in-cheek, 'cause I really do like my A-Bone seedan. The Radir's look great on the deuce with the wide whites and the steelies look best on the "A"....gotta have wide whites!!
Hey "Merc"...really dig your blog too...even though I'm probably much older than you LOL...our musical and rod interests parallel. By the plates, you and these rods are Texans! Thanks for letting me use your photos...Dave
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Merc said...

Thanks for the kind words dude!

I am from Texas, and the root beer brown A bone belongs to my buddy from Looserana.