Thursday, January 7, 2010

Barry Kettering and Royal Triton Motor Oil.....

Here's Barry Kettering up against the rub rail(very large railroad ties). In the first picture, its Barry sitting on the side bar (I would never say sissy some called it) of the car and it looks to be a very young Lorne Hay and Ken Taylor on the right(correct me if I'm wrong)! The next close-up one shows the top back of Barry's '32 Ford Coupe(wish I had it now) says "Royal Triton Motor Oil", and Barry must have used it!!!
"Royal Triton" was called "The amazing Purple Oil". I'm pretty sure I used it in my first car because Marilyn Monroe did a commercial for it way back when, not because it was purple(for what advantage the purple colour gave to the oil, I don't think we'll ever know) but for the Marilyn factor alone.
In 1950, Marilyn Monroe appeared in a television commercial for Royal Triton, breathlessly proclaiming "This is the first car I ever owned. I call her Cynthia. She's going to have the best care a car ever had. Put Royal Triton in Cynthia's little tummy." Gas station attendant "Right, lady!" Marilyn "Cynthia will just love that Royal Triton."
Marilyn's first car "Cynthia" was a Hudson Convertible.

Click here and turn up the volume to see Marilyn's TV commercial then come back...

Another tidbit.......Barry was known to have cool sayings on the rear of his cars. This '32 Ford Coupe has "Bass Ackwards" painted below the number on the back. The big rear bumper in another photo of this car reads "In God we trust". When the famous red/white #57 emerged "Poopsie" could easily be read above the back window.
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