Saturday, January 16, 2010

Malcolm and Conrad...6 sequence shots circa 1954...

MORE jalopies from the Canadian Lakehead Exhibition dirt track in Fort William. As noted in the program that year, #35 is Malcolm Galbraith, and he is driving a 1932 Ford 3-window coupe....he nicely manoeuvres through turn 2 and is headed for the long straight, but loses it and climbs the rub-rail. In the background of the first photo is the CLE Coliseum(this building is still here this blog to find more about that). The next shot shows Malcolm up against the rub rail(check out the guys building a house across Southern Ave).
As Malcolm is climbing the rub-rail, along comes Conrad Trombelli #49, in a '32 Pontiac 5-window coupe. It does look like a Ford, but it has parallel leaf springs and referring to the program it says that he is sponsored by Dominion Motors(a local Pontiac, Buick dealership).
In the left photo, Malcolm is upside down now, and a few eyes from the construction site are looking this way now as well as a few other cheapskates who won't pay the two bits to come in(I know, I said that before). Finally we have Conrad upside down just past where Malcolm rolled with an unknown person from someones pit crew looking on. Here you can vividly see the parallel leaf springs on the back.....and do look close, it really is a Pontiac, not a Ford. Oh, yes...and what are called artillery wheels are on the rear...very popular with some hot rod guys today.
If you drive down Southern Ave., all these houses are still there today!
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Anonymous said...

Wow. I am sitting here with my friend Conrad Trombelli and he is just loving all of this. This #49 car is his dad!! He has no pics of stuff like this and we came across it today when googling his name. He has been gone now for over 30 years. Do you have any other pictures of these races with him in them? We would love to see them if you do. He also owned a local garage back then. I think it was called White Rose?

Dave said...

Hi: Thanks for your comment...very cool! Email me at ...I'll check for photos. Dave