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Dominion Day Thrills, Chills and Pulsating Excitement in Fort William July 2, 1956...

Don't miss this....Look closely at the newspaper advertisement from June 30, 1956(click on it to enlarge). The boxes at the bottom left and and bottom right of the ad shows some interesting stuff. The top American drivers from Duluth are Bob Croft #44 and Jerry Rock #41 as stated, and here are a few photos of their cars. These guys came to the CLE track often and did quite well for themselves in Fort William and in their home town.
The bottom right portion of the ad states "See Henri Nadeau, The Flying Frenchman". Well, you will see Henri in action in the film at the bottom of this further down!
Also note at the very bottom of the ad....The Dominion day special races were only $1.00 and kids with parents were FREE!

Bob Croft #44 and Jerry Rock #41....

Now...the above newspaper(not so great) photo shows Henri standing on the top of the #32 car(driver unknown) and heading around the CLE track here in Fort William. A better photo of the #32 car is shown here as well.
The picture below which was placed on this blog once before shows #10 Ross "Pappy" Fowler's car with "Pappy" at the wheel. The guy standing to the side of #10 with the white football helmet is Henri Nadeau. After his death defying ride around the track on #32 just holding ropes, he will now be strapped to the front bumper of Pappy's car and proceed at speed through a wall of fire. Note....the incredible amount of people on hand to view the Dominion Day excitement and race venue....look hard you may see yourself there!
After looking at the photo below, click on the small arrow at the bottom left of the film to view it.
It all happens very fast(in 29 seconds), but you will see Henri doing the two stunts that I mentioned above. You will have to view it a few times to get it all in. In the film you will also notice the CLE Coliseum building which still stands to this day!(locals will recognize it better!)
At the end of the film it seems that the track officials were more worried about the fire on the track than how Henri was!

#10 "Pappy's" car with Henri beside it and the must see film(SORRY IT'S NOT PERFECT and without's taken from 8mm film back in 1956..what do you expect!!)
Also click on all the pictures to enlarge them.

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