Monday, January 4, 2010

Ford Dealership Service Agreement....

What is more significant in the automotive world than the Model "T" Ford? Well, back in 1928 and 1929 when Henry introduced the much changed Model "A" Ford(that's what my Hot Rod is), Ford wanted everyone to know that their model "T's" were still as good as ever.
A friend of mine(thanks Roydon) sent me this tidbit that I thought would be nice to share.
Be sure to click on the photos to see and read them better.

And in case you couldn't calculate it....according to the US Govt's price index, a dollar in 1928 would be about $12.40 today, so that $25. engine/trans overhaul in 1928 would still be only about $310. in today's cash and would still be a great bargain compared to what a new or rebuilt transmission in a modern day car would be whether in Canada or the USA. wonder the Model "T" Ford was so beloved.
How cool is that! ....Oh Yes, and that is "Henry" himself in the b&w photo above with his "T".

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