Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Vintage Winter Shots in Port Arthur...Mainly in 1952..

Arthur Street East(now Red River Road) in the winter of 1952...standing on the corner of Court and Arthur looking east towards the lake(very cool old cars and truck). In the old photo further down the end of the street on the left is the Prince Arthur Hotel. The banner reads "Oliver Road Carnival, Feb 15/16 and 17". The best item in this photo is the Colonial Theatre(235 Arthur St...opened in 1935 and closed shortly after this was taken) about halfway down the street on the left. To place yourself today in the photo, the new photo shows the curved corner old Eaton's building on the right, and you can see the same curved corner in the old photo on the right as well.

From the first photo, take an abrupt right-face and look down the sidewalk on Court Street facing south. Firstly you will see an old Dodge then, Francey Drugs, a beauty salon, then the well frequented Birds Restaurant on 12 S. Court(to the right of the photo here is an interior shot of Birds back then, as well as a locator map), then a furrier store, then Farrant and Gordon Men's wear, Willson's stationery and finally the Paramount Theatre(the only original theatre still in business as a theatre today). I just can't quite make out what was showing in January of 1952, but it looks like Jane Wyman in ??? ....Maybe "The Blue Veil".
Here is a matchbook cover from Bird's Restaurant. The B&W photo also from 1952 is St. Andrews Catholic Church taken from Algoma Street facing south. To the very left of the photo today would be the entrance to St. Joseph's hospital. Looks like an early 50's Pontiac and Chevrolet parked there.
Finally, here is a picture of what looks like a Lakehead Motors tow truck yanking out what looks like a Model "A" Ford from the aftermath of one of our Northwestern Ontario snowstorms(photo taken on Feb. 2, 1939). This picture was taken near the corner of John Street and Memorial Ave. facing south(off in the distance you can see all the wonderful trees that used to adorn Memorial Ave., but are long gone). The colour picture was taken in the winter of 2005. There have even been changes to this spot since 2005. The Merla Mae ice cream drive-in on the right has been an icon on Memorial Ave. for many years and is still there today. The colour photo was taken very close to the same location as the B&W.
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