Monday, June 1, 2009

1934 Current River Park...Then and now!

Here's a bit fuzzy but great photo of a special event at Current River park next to the Boulevard Lake dam. The black & white picture showing many future stock car and hot rod projects was taken in about 1934. The city of Port Arthur(now Thunder Bay) used this park for many holiday picnics such as Labor Day and May 24th the queen mother's birthday etc. The picture on the right was taken today June 1st 2009 in almost the exact same place. The last photo is a typical ribbon given to anyone who would attend one of these events. This one from my collection dates back to 1903. The "United Grain Growers" elevator building is pretty much the same symmetrical shape now as it was in 1934 except it is now called "Viterra". The building on the left of the B&W photo was called "The Casino Dance Hall" and was located just adjacent to Current River and the Dam on Cumberland street. Both my mother and father frequented this hall for many years until it burned down, I believe in the mid or late '50's. Many dance halls and not just in this area for some reason were called "The Casino", and had no particular connection to gambling...who knows why? Click on pictures to enlarge.

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