Saturday, June 27, 2009

Very Talented Car Builders!

Here's two great guys I have known most of my life........long time and very talented hot rod and custom car builders. Top left and b&w photo is Big Bad Bob Kostyniuk, and lower left is Volker Lehmann. We all attend the Church of the Golden Arches(you figure it out) every Sunday at 10am(with many more in attendance)....if us old timers can get up by that time...LOL. The B&W photo clearly shows a 1961 license place....Wow, Bob and Volkker look better now that they did way back then!'s just because we all refuse to grow up. Thanks for posing for the great pictures with your beautiful Chevys.....see you on Sunday! To the right of Bobs car you can see a bit of Ron Limbrick's '39 Ford and to the right of Volkkers car you can see some of Allan Yahn's '33 Ford. to enlarge.

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