Saturday, June 6, 2009

Hot Rods, Rock 'n' Roll, Radio and Girls......

Back in 1958, at about 14 years old(likely probably younger), I quickly realized that girls and rock 'n' roll were synonymous with hot rods and jalopies.
Even though I couldn't drive until I was 16, my parents did buy me my first car when I was 15 and had to wait a whole year to drive(that was torture). I remember sitting in it and listening to all the great tunes that you see here in these brochures. Kresge's(forerunner of K-Mart) put this little
sheet out each month, so you would know what 45's to buy. I found this one dated September 1958 and the CKY Winnipeg one dated July 1961 in my collection. The CKY one shows the hits from the country & western charts plus the pops charts. Are you too old?......or are you too young to remember? We listened to these songs on CKPR,

and CFPA radio here in the twin cities of Fort William and Port Arthur(now Thunder Bay), and sometimes at night you could get American stations from Milwaukee or Chicago.

Sorry about the tape marks and stains, but they are about 60 years old. Click on each to enlarge and read.

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