Monday, June 1, 2009

"Pappy" Fowler and the daredevil!!!

They were all daredevils, but this guy, the one in the white helmet(unknown person) is about to sit on the big front bumper of Pappy Fowler's #10 and be driven at speed through a large ring of fire. Also, this photo shows just how many people came to see the weekly races at the Canadian Lakehead Exhibition race track. There was always some type of theatrics to entertain the fans during the intermission. In a lot of cases there would be staged fist fights between some of the drivers which would take place on the dusty track right in front for all the fans to see.

Stunts like this rarely take place today due to the incredible insurance costs, and this was one of the reasons why many tracks just like the ones we had here had to close.
Ross "Pappy" Fowler as mentioned before was a favorite among many fans and usually was in the top 10. This little '32 Ford 3-window coupe is an incredibly rare item in the hot rod world today. A steel body(they make fiberglass ones now) today would fetch an incredible amount of cash. Do you have one in your garage....please email me to let me know, I'll give you a few hundred for it.....LOL. Click on photos.

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