Friday, June 5, 2009

Stan, Ollie and Model "T" Fords

Admiration goes far beyond the living and into the surreal when one talks about these guys. From a small child going to the Royal Theatre here in Fort William(now Thunder Bay), it is difficult to believe that Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy were real people. Their antics went way beyond human belief to think that maybe they were just cartoon characters. I have been a great fan for many years including having quite a collection of their films. I am posting these as a reminder not to ever forget these two comedic geniuses, and also to highlight a few jalopies they wrecked.
They destroyed many cars in their movies, specifically model "T" Fords. A few were even modified to accommodate their craziness. Their motto was "two minds without a single thought", and after seeing any of their movies you would definitely believe this. Here are some jalopies that they destroyed...the first one at the top right is from their short film "County Hospital", and the other two are from another film called "Two Tars" of course meaning two tires.
There is also a world wide fan base to this day and growing, named after one of their hilarious films called "Sons of the Desert". My wife and I had the privilege a number of years back to attend a portion of one of the fan club conventions with our friends Fran and Jon in Minneapolis, Minnesota, and to go to one of their club dinner functions. Both were unforgettable.
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