Monday, May 25, 2009

1939 ...Erskine to Duluth

Here's a wonderful photo of my Dad and his buds on a trip to Duluth, Minnesota in 1939, just before he entered the Canadian Army, and only 2 years before he was married. I don't know everyone but will do my best with the spelling of the guys I do know. My dad John is top left. Top right is Orsie Bodnarchuk, and bottom center is Albert Bahlieda, who ended up being my Dad's best man. They were proudly displaying The "Fort William, Canada" bumper sticker on his Erskine(yes...that is a car manufacturer's name). You can also plainly see the 1939 license plate from Ontario. Fort William, as stated before is now called Thunder Bay, after the amalgamation of the two cities of Port Arthur and Fort William.

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