Thursday, May 7, 2009

1949 Old cars and Brill Busses in Fort William

If you scroll down to "Our old cruisin' strip", you will see a coloured photo there taken in 1962 showing Victoria and Syndicate Ave.(the two main streets in Fort William). The Fort William downtown core was pretty much destroyed by the city by building Victoriaville Mall, as explained there, closing off the two busiest streets. Here are a few more photos taken in 1949 showing the brill buses when they first took over from the rail trolleys which ended the same year. The top left would be right inside the most eastern end of Victoriaville. The bottom left is the actual corner of Syndicate and Victoria Avenues near the original Chapples Ltd.(grain exchange building), where the dropped courtyard in Victoriaville is today. The top right photo is further down towards the most eastern end of Victoria Avenue. The top left and right photos show an English Thames panel truck(Beacon's Bread and Cakes), a new '49 Studebaker(the cars you couldn't tell the front from the back), and a number of Fords, Chrysler and GM vehicles. The hustle and bustle of our downtown is long gone with most buildings for rent or lease. The rare sight of any vehicles down there are the ones crossing Victoria Avenue at May Street. Again...I could say much more! Click on photos.


Anonymous said...

we use to pull the line connecting the bus (1959 to 1964) to the power cables above at the corner of Franklin and Victoria Ave to get the bus driver out to reconnect the line as he got back on the bus we would all run out from the rear of Fred Assef store and hold onto the rear bumber to ski along on our shoes in the winter sometime we would do this from Smiths Store by what was then St Patricks high school at Franklin and Donald st. John

Anonymous said...

Our brill bus were sold to the city of Vancouver where the ran until the 1990 I believe my cousins on the island (Duncan B.C)told me John