Thursday, May 14, 2009

Our First Motorhome!

Here's a couple of shot's of a '55 Chevrolet Sedan Delivery. The photo on the left is the one I owned in the late '60's and the right photo is how it would have appeared in a magazine or brochure ad. Some guys call it a 2-door station wagon. The station wagon however, looked exactly the same but had windows all the way down to the back.
It was in pretty bad shape since it was used by an east end grocery store called Workers Co-op for about 13 years before I bought it for 50 bucks. My dad and I did all the body work where he taught auto body & welding in the '60's, and Mr. Trevisan, the painter at Kam Motors did the Corvette Yellow paint job. It ended up having a 301ci chevy V8(a 283 bored out to the limit) with a 3 in the tree transmission.
It was mainly built to tow our stock car to and from Riverview Raceways, but ended up as our motor home of sorts. We camped in its tight quarters for a couple of years before we bought our first trailer. My wife wouldn't sleep in it at first, because it was all black inside and she thought it might feel the same as sleeping in a coffin. to the Canadian Tire store to buy a couple of packages of those big flower power daisies. We stuck them all over the inside and she sewed up some flowery curtains(I hated those damn things) to create an inside feminine environment and I relented. At least you couldn't see the daisy stuff from the outside....I added some Superior Mags later and a couple of chrome reverse rims. We sure had a ton of fun with this car until I sold it to my friend Larry. In later years my son Darren also owned a '57 Chevy Sedan Delivery. Click photos to enlarge

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