Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Building Model Cars...

Here's a mildly fuzzy photo taken in the fall of 2006 at the local model railroad show. We got invited a number of times to display our models as a contrast to the model rail stuff...and received rave reviews. This photo saddens me however, as Kevin Rouse on the left had passed away from kidney complications the following winter after this photo was taken. We build scale model cars during the winter months when the 1:1 scale hobby slows down. Steve Miller(middle) and Kevin together had displayed their(mainly 1:25th scale) cars for a number of years and had invited me to join them a couple of years before that. Kevin was a great guy and his flair was building mainly drag racing models. He also built and loved his Mopar vehicles in full size too. We sure miss you Kev!
I had built a number of models of this scale through the years(mainly circle track dirt cars and hot rods), but Steve was the one that really got me going again. I credit him and his talents as an extreme model builder and old car enthusiast for getting me back into the hobby. Steve's incredible patience and his hand-rubbed mirror-like paint jobs have won him accolades at modeling shows in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area.
Steve was also instrumental(no pun intended) in getting me back playing my keyboards as you can see by the photo(scroll way down) of our jam band. We all know that Hot Rodding goes hand in hand with good Rock and Roll music!

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