Wednesday, May 27, 2009

The Canadian Lakehead Exhibition

Here's another aerial view of the Canadian Lakehead Exhibition track taken in 1958 during the fair. The fair when I was a kid was incredibly large for two small cities like Fort William and Port Arthur(Thunder Bay now). They had a ton of thrill rides and the typical side shows. Top name entertainment was brought in including daredevil drivers, and they gave a brand new car away every single day, but the highlight of our fair was the stock car races.
This picture shows part of the midway and the bridge across the river going to more and more rides and side shows. You can make out the streets surrounding the fairgrounds, the one across the bottom being May street. As mentioned in the other photo(scroll way down) is that the right half of the grandstand would be right in the middle of the Silver City Movie Theater today, and the center of the track oval is now the enclosed golf dome. The far left of the photo would be the present day Intercity Mall. Click picture to enlarge.


Anonymous said...

I still remember when the grounds were covered in sawdust - we had to walk over the foot bridge to get to the rides - the concessions were near the old barns (what a smell!!!!)

Dave said...

Yes...If you click on the picture, you can see the foot bridge. The animal barns are the ones that fan out on the bottom right hand corner of the track. It always seemed to rain fair week and the sawdust and wood chips were supposed to suck up some of the water, but seemed to make everything worse. Oh, the sights and sounds of our old fair...even the stinky I miss it! Thanks for the comment, Dave