Monday, May 25, 2009

We Destroyed Mopars too...

Yes, we killed Dodge Chargers too. In 1975 after a few years hiatus, We tried Racing in the V8 Hobby division at Riverview Raceways. I
have stuck to my GM roots and not attempted the Mopar stuff but we had a chance to get a pretty nice '66 Dodge Charger fastback 2-door HT and did our thing with a 383 CI powered Chrysler product. It sure worked at Daytona but not for us at Riverview. Within 7 race days I fried the engine and it was just too expensive to get back into it. That ended my racing career until restoring the Vintage Modified many years later, but not without having a ton of fun with some great guys. Rear ends(sorry, fuzzy photo) left to right are George Tergie, Brian Hearn, Myself, Freddy White(my wife's brother) and Kenny Sutton(George's brother-in-law). We always sported the #67 whenever anything with 4 wheels was raced. I'm sorry to say Mopar fans, that we really destroyed a very nice Charger. The car was sold and the new owner sported the same number for another year, then the car disappeared. Thanks to all, including our sponsors then for some great memories. Photo top left is what a new '66 Charger looked like! ....and of course every race car had to be yellow!

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