Sunday, May 17, 2009

"Miss Hurst Golden Shifter"

Here's a shot of Linda Vaughn and yours truly at 'Back to the 50's" in St. Paul... oh... about 13 years ago. This woman was always a great sport, always willing to have her photo taken with anyone, and was the epitome of women modeling with cars in the late 1960's. Remember the Hurst Hairy Olds? Are you too young? They even made a 1:25th scale model of the car and of Linda(photo above)....try to find one today!...You have one, don't you Steve?
She still tours to this day, well into her late 60's and still looking pretty good so I've heard. I look like a gorf with the too tall front ball cap and the over sized sun glasses. If you want to see a little Youtube tribute of Miss Hurst, click here


Anonymous said...

Big hooters or what!!!!

Anonymous said...

the old queen still looks good