Saturday, April 18, 2009

1914 Ford "T" Depot Hack

The first picture on the left is titled "Just and Idea 1981". Long before my basement was full of junk, I wrestled a stock model "T" chassis down there to save trips to the garage for measuring etc. A full winter was spent there in design and building. When the body was completed, it stayed down my basement until the chassis was done. The best decision made then was to use a small 231 ci Buick V6 engine, because the whole thing would fit into the same space as the original "T" engine did. The full "T" hood could then be used. That was about the time I met Ron Limbrick, as he was doing a '27 "T" coupe, and was also going to instal a buick V6 engine. This was actually the only real "showy" car that I had built. It was great fun to drive around town but not any real distance. When it was all done, a gemini that I am.....well! It had to be sold to build something else. Sure would have been nice to keep all the cars I did, but financially that wouldn't do. I miss it sometimes but as they say, "It's only a car, you have pictures, and go on to the next!" I did! It went to Bethesda, Maryland, to John Harrison in 1985. Its the only one of my cars that got lost into the oblivion. The car and new owner disappeared. Does anyony know where it is now??? Click on the pics for a larger view.

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