Thursday, April 16, 2009

Jam Band Oct 2006

Here's a great photo of our Jam Band as taken in Oct 2006 at my place. From left to right are Kevin Rouse, Ron Miller, Steve Miller, Myself and Shaun Hopkins.
Sadly Kevin passed away from kidney complications the following winter and Ron(Steve's Dad) also passed away in 2007. Kevin was becoming a super bass player with Steve's instruction, and Ron played the sweetest horn this side of New Orleans. Ron had played in a number of big bands in the USA in his younger years. Steve still plays the meanest rock and roll and surf guitar and played lead guitar for many years and for many bands in the midwest when he lived in Indiana and throughout the midwest including the Duluth area and here in Thunder Bay. Shaun is our cool classic rock lead player, who would indulge us older guys with some 4 chord rock and roll. Shaun is also a fabulous painter who did most of my Hot Rods through the years. My wife Rosemary had the best idea to photograph this jam session....I only wish we had recorded it. Steve, Shaun and I have tried to get together ever since with some difficulty, but we my heart I know it. This is a tribute to two incredible men, Kevin Rouse and Ron Miller.

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