Wednesday, April 22, 2009


This is one of my favourite photos of my dad and I in 1986 while working on my '33 Ford Victoria. Anytime I was in a bind for some inspiration or assistance, I could always count on my dad to show up at my garage. We would sit and contemplate what to do, and toss around ideas, especially when it came to body work or welding. He had taught me to weld years ago and how to do lead body work on my '32 Ford coupe. Leading was quite an art in itself. To this day at almost 90 years old, he is always interested in what's going on inside the garage. The picture on the right is how the Vicky turned out. It was sold to Ray Stevenson from Winnipeg in the fall of 1988 and I started my Little Deuce Coupe that winter. At this time I believe that the car belongs to a doctor in Calgary, as it had been spotted at a rod run there a couple of years ago.

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