Saturday, April 18, 2009

The Lakehead Stock Car Club 1953 & 1957

Here's a group of photos from the 1953 and 1957 Lakehead Stock Car Club official programs that were sold at the CLE back in those days. (Click on each one to get a larger image) The skull and crossbones car on the cover of the 1953 program is the actual body that I used for my vintage modified car seen in photos below. These give you a good idea of who was racing back then. My family was not too well off then, and a quarter allowance didn't go too far, so I would sell cokes for Percy Dacy, who operated most of the concessions. This would get me into the races for free and I would then sit at the highest spot in the grandstand, watch all the good stuff, and sell only a few cokes to the folks sitting around me . After the races I would return with my unsold cokes and Percy would say, "Hey Kid, you're sure a crappy salesman." Right, but I got into all the races for free!!

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Anonymous said...

We used to live on Dacey's fries and gravy at his Arthur and Waterloo restaurant