Monday, April 13, 2009

The Sensational Hot Rods

Here's a bunch of super guys I admire, especially the one in the middle. This is a photo of The Sensational Hot Rods, and Steve's dad Ron Clark. The Sensational Hot Rods are the best 50's tribute and rock 'n' roll band you will ever listen to. You can buy their CD's and view their website at Ron is an incredible guy who has inspired me in so many ways and mainly by the way he handles his life's difficulties, and I consider him a great friend. Left to right a circle around Ron are: Ron's son Steve(Eljer Hot Rod), Rob(Buffer Hot Rod), Mo(Mo Man Hot Rod), Waylon(Wailin' Hot Rod) and Al(Al Baby Hot Rod). Ron in the middle Is Big Daddy Hot Rod. I had the privilege of working with these guys as co-manager with Ron for the first three and a half years they were doing their great music. Next year 2010 will be their 10th anniversary doing what we all love...50's Rock 'n' Roll music, like no one else!

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