Monday, April 27, 2009

Kam Motors Limited and #34

Here's another great Jalopy shot taken in turn 1 at the CLE back in the 50's. The recognizable cars are #88 Al Massaro and at the back was #34 driven by a couple of different guys. It was sponsored by Kam Motors Limited(long gone now) and mainly driven by Bill Chepil, and then by Canary Trevisan, the paint shop manager who was a great friend of my dad, as my dad John was the body shop manager at the time. On two occasions my dad did drive the car but rather would have stayed out of it! Kam Motors Limited was the Chevrolet, Oldsmobile and Cadillac dealership back then and right into the '80's. I was very lucky as a kid to hang out there whenever I wanted to. I tried to learn all I could from watching the guys in the body shop. The picture above was taken near the big bay doors shown in the brochure picture. Great times!

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Anonymous said...

Bought my wife a 1980 Camero Berlinetta with a 305 from Sam Maronik in 1979 at Kam Motors as one of my brothers had bought a 1968 Impala SS in the fall of 1967 and a 1969 Caprise in the fall of 1968 out of the show room.That was the year the body styles changed. He was also good friends with Sam

John K