Saturday, April 25, 2009

Jalopies and Brills!

If you are wondering what the title means....we can explain. The jalopies on the back stretch are #60 Don Marsh, #19 Louis Tocheri, #31 Merv Dove, #54 Wally Prokosh, #47 Barry Kettering. The unknown is behind Tocheri, and the brill bus is behind the fence. The background of this picture is taken not only on the CLE race track back stretch, but on the corner of Northern Ave and Fort William road here in what is now called Thunder Bay, Ontario. At this point the Port Arthur and Fort William busses drop off passengers(it's called the loop), to transfer to each susequent city. Basically this is where Fort William and Port Arthur used to divide and each city had their own separate transit system(wierd or what!). Brill busses were electric busses that used a trolly system for power(like rail trollys) but drove on rubber tires just like gas powered busses....pretty unique. It was a bit of a problem though in winter months when freezing rain hung on the trolly lines. Too bad they didn't keep the system considering today's incredible fuel costs. Click on the picture!

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