Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Our Old Cruisin' Strip

Can you imagine closing this major intersection in Fort William, Ontario(now the south side core of Thunder Bay, Ontario). Well, this city actually did this a number of years ago to enhance the south downtown core(so they said). They actually closed off our 50's and 60's cruising strip. This street was always incredibly busy all year long, especially in the summer months, on a Friday or Saturday night where guys and dolls would cruise up and down with their windows rolled down or convertible tops down yelling out hello's to all passers by. Everyone knew everyone, and life long friendships were made here. This is where you saw the poodle skirts, crinolines, draped dress pants and rolled up collars in action. This intersection(Victoria and Syndicate Avenues) was closed to make room for Victoriaville(An enclosed so called shopping mall). By doing this, the city created an immediate downturn in business and commerce for this side of Thunder Bay. With thousands of complaints about the deterioration of our downtown core through the years, they refuse to honour the popular consensus to tear down Victoriaville and open the streets again. Hey Thunder Bay, us baby boomers want our downtown back.....Is it Possible?? I COULD say more!

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Anonymous said...

Have bulldozer......will travel!