Thursday, April 16, 2009

#62 Lyn McIntosh

Top Corner is a rare photo of Lyn McIntosh's #62 car taken in 1962. Lyn is the brother of an old friend of mine Dwight McIntosh(who was my best man). This was Lyn's first modified(which I had the privilege to letter when I was only 18). By the early '60's guys were cutting up the bodies of their cars to be more streamlined and lighter weight as well as adding high performance V8 engines. Lyn went on to live in the United States and race Super Modifieds in the midwest until his retirement. The bottom left photo is of Merv Dove (early jalopy jockey, and later flag man at Riverview Raceways) and my friend Dennis Winko. Dennis is re-creating the McIntosh car and these photos show how far he is along(I think you nailed it, Den). The body was a cut down truck cab and the deck was made from a couple of old car hoods. You can scroll down quite a ways to see Dennis's cool blue model "A" coupe. I think Dennis is one of those "blue" guys...LOL.

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