Tuesday, April 21, 2009

The Road Gents Car Club

Here's a fantastic picture of the Road Gents Car Club. I belonged to the NOTA but as long as I remember, there were no specific rivalries between them and us. I was and still am friends with a few guys from this picture.
They wore the ties so they could claim to be more sophisticated than were were(only kidding), but they all look great all dressed up, and the photo has withstood the test of time for nearly 50 years. Click on the picture to enlarge and scroll down to see who everyone was. Another Car Club of the time was the Lakehead Antique Car Club and to this day is the only surviving club from that era and before.


Anonymous said...

Gerry McKenzie live down and around the corner from me when we were kids. He had the first "slicks" in town but only got to drive from his house on Donald st. to the corner of Selkirk and Victria Ave. when a cop stopped him and sent him home to get the tire off as they were bald. he was on the street about 1/2 hour later with a thin line cut down the center where a tread would be to make the tire street legal. John K

Dave said...

Yes, I know Jerry McKenzie well and have probably heard that story before!

Anonymous said...

This story is true as I was the standing on the curb less than 4 feet away. Gerry turned around and went home,he grooved the tires pretty darn quick as he was back at the corner again and I asked him why the slicks were still on. His reply was they are now legal as I grooved them. John K