Wednesday, April 15, 2009

I said goodbye in May 1999

Here is a couple of photos of Frank Manzullo and myself(gearheads as Frank would say), on the sale day of my '32 Ford Coupe back in May of 1999. Frank and I have become good friends through the years, and we visited Frank and Mary Ann in 2003, the same year we went to Galena to see the Hudson. We also enjoyed going to "Back to the 50's" with them a few years ago. Frank still takes good care of my old deuce and also has a '32 Ford(deuce) Roadster. Mary Ann says Frank can't sell the coupe, 'cause she likes the steel around her head while cruisin' around Rockford, Ill. Frank has been mistaken many times for Phil Donahue, talk show host...don't you think??

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