Thursday, April 16, 2009

The Great Old A & W drive-in

Here's a wonderful shot of one of the original A & W drive-ins here in Thunder Bay(very close to where I live). It was on the corner of James St. and Arthur St. exactly where the Metro(A & P) grocery store is now. The house and garage across the street in this picture is exactly the same today. The photo was taken in 1980. The music students from the high-schools around the area got together for a 50's tribute which was recorded and televised on cable 7 back then, and done right here at this famous drive-in before it closed. The cars are from left to right, Jerry McKenzie's green model "A" coupe, Art Lee's yellow '33 Ford coupe(which now belongs to Rick Stokaluk...seen in a prior picture), My red and black Hudson Terraplane, Gord Wall's black model "A" sedan, and in the front Dinger Bell's T-bucket. You can see the camera man on the left side of the picture, and all the students having a great time....what a great day!!

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Anonymous said...

This place was the best! After a night of cheap beer at the Lower Deck or the St. louis, we'd head there for burgers and onion rings.