Wednesday, April 22, 2009


I just had to add one more photo of the Vicky for a laugh. Everything had to be yellow. This is Rosemary and I taken in 1987 at Sioux Falls, South Dakota. This was the first long distance trip we had taken and had traveled along with our friends Shelley and Joe Salerno, in their '34 Ford 2-door sedan. During a safety inspection there, they noticed a beautiful lime green paint blob that was embedded on my front axle. On closer inspection is was a frog that I hit somewhere along but it sure looked cool against the School Bus Yellow of the car. Rosie looks great but I look like a dork with those crazy shorts, yellow sunglasses and knobby knees.


adampier said...

My good friend Richard Krzeslak put me on to your site, Dave. I'm a good old Nipigon boy migrated to BC in 1970. Like your site, your knees are no worse than mine but my clothes are better. Love cruizin in my 348 powered 60 Chevy, maybe cruise to TBay this summer. I will pass your site to enthusiasts. Al Dampier, Duncan, BC

Dave said...

Hey Al: Email me some photos of your Chevy. I love '59 and '60 Chevies. I came the other way. I was born in Victoria but came here many years before you went there. Dave